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Thursday, June 20, 2013

While I'm Not Being Polite

It's "big" news an actor that starred in the series The Sopranos had a heart attack and passed away.

I never heard of the guy until the news reported his passing; probably because I never have, or never will watch episodes of the The Sopranos. In the real world, crime is too ugly to delve into, or glorify. It doesn't matter someone is basically a good person, except when they terrorize, mutilate or kill someone else, whether directly or not. There's something about the smell of blood, fear, and bodily excretions that will ruin television night. It kinda ruins the taste of popcorn.


  1. I never saw the appeal, and I feel more people mourn Tony Soprano than Gandolfini.
    Which is really weird.

  2. Yep. Only a small group of people actually new Gandofini. To most of his admirers, they had little idea of the real man and only knew him as Tony Soprano.