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Friday, June 28, 2013

Paula Deen and Apple Pie

A few years ago, I was shopping at Sam's Club, when I spied a deep dish apple pie. I didn't really pay much attention to the brand, because I was obsessing over how good the pie looked. I'd already tasted the first bite in my mind, so it was only rational to buy the pie, follow the instructions and enjoy.

It was a Paula Deen brand pie. I saw that right after I reached home, since I was in the process of tearing off the wrapper and preparing the pie for consumption. I didn't pay the brand any mind, since it really didn't matter.....if it was good.

That was a damn good pie. It was up there with my grandmother's homemade pie. It was one of those pies you dig into at breakfast with a few slices of bacon for protein. I was impressed and quite happy.

In the few times I've returned to Sam's club, I can't find the pie, so it's probably one of those items that disappears forever. This is the second time this happened. The first time was a enchilada casserole that was addicting. I still have withdrawal symptoms.

So now we find that Paula Deen once said a racially sensitive word. That's terrible. If I happen to find one, will I quit eating her brand of apple pie? Nope, unless I find out she's been cruel to children, or caught robbing a priest, or I get completely irritated at her over embellished accent. To me, there's something less than genuine about her accent. I might be wrong, but I'm following my gut feeling on this one.

Out of curiosity, I went to Walmart's site and typed "Paula Deen" in the search bar. There's tons of products; they've even rolled back the prices on some. 

Since Walmart has officially stopped doing business with Paula Deen, aren't they supposed to pile all that stuff into the middle of the parking lot and burn it?


  1. Over at Dangerous Minds they speculate:
    "The deeper reason the Internet destroyed Paula Deen: She’s an icon of ignorance, gluttony and greed"
    I could not have said it better.
    Tux from Canada

  2. I find it interesting that what, some 10 or 15 years or so ago, Martha Stewart actually broke the law participating in insider trading, was convicted, did time and still is a media and marketing icon. If that incident sets any precedent, the Paula Deen scandal, which as far as I know involved no actual crime, just a poor choice of words once upon a time, will no doubt blow over and be forgotten. Greedy, money grubbing corporations are more than eager to sell their morals to cash in on a share of her gold, just as much as they are with Martha. If the regulars don't pick Paula back up, someone else will be willing, it's just a matter of time.

    That's not to say I don't find her perky smile and sparkling blue eyes totally creepy... And that voice *shudders,* ugh! Like nails on a chalk board.

  3. The food network and walmart can kiss my royal ass. Show me a true southern born person over the age of sixty that hasn't used the term and I'll personally dance at their funeral...and I do not dance.

  4. I'm with you on her accent, I really enjoyed her shows on food network because she provided great recipes, but her over embellishment when saying yawl was annoying.

    I'm down with boycotting businesses that boycott Paula. Why should blacks and edgy Liberal white Liberals get away with using the word that offends them so much when describing Clarence Thomas after the voting issue was ruled upon the other day or when voicing their dis satisfaction with Zimmermans attorney doing his job by providing adequate defense by exposing "witnesses" as poorly educated, racist, opportunists wanting their 15 minutes at the cost of railroading a person who was, from all of the information and pictorial evidence provided, would lead any clear thinking individual capable of a modicum of logical reasoning to realize Zimmerman was defending himself.

    1. At one time, businesses were run by individuals, or groups of individuals with insight, intelligence and ethics.

      I don't see enough of that today. Paula Deen may be annoying, but I doubt she's evil as portrayed.

  5. Yeesh, I should have previewed that comment.... I back tracked and edited it too many times and just hit publish. Note to self, preview is your friend...

  6. If you like heavy, thick skillets that keep heat, don't warp, and sit on a burner without falling off, Paula Deen skillets are right up your alley at a decent price - at WalMart.

    I don't watch the Food Network, so I really don't have an opinion on PD's show or any other famous cook. If we must castigate her for something she said thirty years ago in a totally different climate, why isn't the media all over Kerry tossing his medals or Jane selling out to the Viet Cong?

    1. If Paula Deen was to announce tomorrow she doesn't understand why the Democratic Party abandoned her after so many years of faithful voting, she'd be vindicated, proclaimed as the best cook in the world and showered with praise.

      By this time next year, she'd be a tough contender against Hillary, but she'd have to watch the sources of her butter.

    2. Snork! You are on to something there!!!