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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Current Politics and Filth

There are scandals brewing, broken promises and a slow realization by even the most uninformed citizen the bureaucracy - in all its unwashed splendor - is a monster of incompetence, out of control and on a mission to destroy all detractors of its current political master.

The supposed "bold" in the media are being terrorized by the monster. Their privacy is gone and their efforts to expose the corruption are met with veiled threats of being accused of crimes.

Meanwhile, the rest of the media is either supporting the monster, or wringing their hands in worry. They helped build this monster, yet too many don't realize it can't exist unless they become part of its daily feeding.  They continue with their support in the hope it will be satiated before it's their turn for dinner.

According to some polls, the path of our government is not what most citizens want, yet it continues without any restraints. Laws are broken by high officials; money is withdrawn to show disfavor; citizens are forced to pay for activities that endanger the economy or safety and those that should be long removed from power for their efforts continue with impunity.

I'm seeing more and more comments about how this won't change by voting. I'm beginning to think that's right and the constant efforts to remove arms from the public only reinforce my belief government authorities know they've crossed a  line and fear the results.

Time will reveal how this turns out, but it always leads to freedom - no matter how long the path. Politics and our government have become corrupt and resemble the worst of criminal organizations. It's filth and there's no other way to describe it.


  1. Hate to state the obvious but it serves them right.

    1. The media, which is supposedly an unofficial bastion of truth, has turned into the worst whore for public corruption. They're past the S and M and into the scatology.