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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Little Fun With a Telemarketer

I was at my mother's, when the phone rang. I answered and the woman on the other end asked to speak to my father, who died in 1989. Answering indignantly, I said: "He's dead."

There was a pause, but the telemarketer was not willing to give up. She asked if, by chance, he had a wife she could speak with. I answered: "She's in the hospital."

I waited. Will there be another request to speak to any adult in the house? Nope. She offered a quick apology and hung up.

I was a little disappointed. I was in the mood to really mess with a telemarketer, but they were unwilling to walk into my trap.

Oh well.


  1. I get at least ten calls a day...I tell all of them, when they ask to speak to the owner or manager, he died. I love their reactions. Some gasp (usually the women) some disconnect but most just ignore me and continue with their pitch. Hate 'em.

  2. Before the do not call list was enacted it was hard for me to be too unkind to those that were not totally obnoxious.

    I spent several weeks after my high school days working for a telemarketer selling coupon books for WART radio (true story).

    I HATED it.

    When they fired my friend, I to,d them that was my ride and cut a rug out of there.

    Now anyone that calls (those scam card services hit my cell phone a couple times a week) are scammers deliberately violating the Do Not Call list, so I don't feel bad letting the have it.

    1. I worked as a telemarketer for about three weeks one summer. It was a frustrating time and I learned a lot about human nature.

      The best word I can find to relate the experience is I demeaning. Nobody, but a piss-ant, piece of puke shit should find enjoyment in being a telemarketer.