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Sunday, May 18, 2014


I've spent all my adult life either working in the oil patch, or in construction. Like all businesses, competence is demanded and the lack of competence means losses, or even bankruptcy.

I guess it was the luck of the draw that led me to a career where every day of success means another day closer to being out of a job. Doing things right leads to an end and there's no guarantee there's some place to go afterward.

I've worked for companies with good people, a good profit margin and incompetent managers. The result is always the same and many good people were hurt in the process. Still, the incompetent managers always rationalize their errors and deny their culpability. Regardless, they were responsible and they only can deny their responsibility.

Government entities are filled with incompetent people. The worse are at the top, because it's there were they can hide for the longest period of time. How they get there is not nearly as important as why they're allowed to remain. Usually, former incompetent people created a regulation that slows down the process of eliminating those higher up in the food chain. If they were especially good, the process of eliminating bad characters is cost prohibitive and the normal legal processes can lead to years of litigation with unwanted results.

When you add the incompetence, and the huge amount of resources governments can acquire, the amounts of money wasted can become sums almost incomprehensible. Wise spenders shake their heads and thieving manipulators make million, if not billions, due to the  incompetence, or avarice of those in power. Meanwhile, somebody still goes to work, watches their money confiscated under the guise of law and have little power in repairing the machine that is steadily deteriorating.

Examples of the results of incompetence are found in many small towns, but are most notable in large cities, such as Detroit. Spending, promises of pensions, unwarranted salaries and a populace rapidly leaving the chaos reveal a debt that can't be paid and the long process of deciding at what percentage debt holders will be screwed.

Washington D.C. follows the same path. The incompetence is rampant and slid into criminal behavior. To make matters worse, those most able to investigate are unwilling to reveal the rot that permeates our nations capitol.

So, we're at a point the pieces are falling off the machine. Those that depend on the government will be first hurt. The unsustainable spending, lack of resources and incompetence will follow the path of least resistance, when the money becomes unavailable. It's easier to throw those least able to defend themselves off the sinking ship first. You can see this in the current V.A. crises and other agencies will soon follow.

What does this mean for me and you? I don't know about you, but I'll do everything I can to survive. Hopefully, if it becomes really bad, I'll have some family to help. If not, you might read about the old homeless man found by the side of the road.

Of course, it doesn't have to be this way. Those that can make a huge difference teach ever day. They'll have to dismiss the propaganda curriculum and teach valuable lessons about the Constitution, fiscal responsibility and self-discipline. It will be hard, and I don't have much confidence they'll make the effort. To many are comfortable with their supposed long term job with benefits and will sacrifice generations for their personal gain.

Still, I have hope. Most people I know are decent and want a piece of the American Dream. Getting more to understand government entities don't have groves of money trees is a first step. Making them realize they control those that dictate without apparent oversight is another. It can all change for the better, but only time will tell if the change happens.


  1. I will always have hope that the American people will one day be free. But until politics is tossed into the muddy ditch where it belongs, and those leaders who are supposed to care what happens to the people they represent grow a heart, I fear for our future.

    1. The politics of deception have a tendency to last for a long time, but the younger folks of today are not so easily fooled, even if too many are woefully ignorant.

      It always boils down to the "us against them" attitude and the them becomes someone not to trust; especially when they obviously have done very well and the us are having a hard time. Young folks see this, want more than crumbs and a leader can lead them to returning this country to the greatest nation on Earth.

      Who's this leader? I don't know, but Obama, his minions and supporters have proven they're not. Now that they're taking some hits, it's time to get them down and put them to the boot.