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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Honor and Sorrow Again

I've been honored during my life. It's an honor that too many ignore, yet every moment of freedom they are graced with was hard won by those that may have silently bled to death; alone, in pain, fighting for their last moments and thinking of those they'd never see again.

Never forget those that honored you with the greatest sacrifice. Remember them, and those that fought with them in the unending war against tyranny. It's a war never to be won, if we ever forget.



  1. Replies
    1. All my problems are insignificant compared to those that died, lost a loved one or spent long lonely times wondering if someone would make it home.

  2. Thank you sir, and my deepest thanks to all the veterans who stood the wall for me.

  3. Thanks Jess I am going to post this on my FB page.

  4. I'll refrain from playing the video, because if I do I'll start bawling out loud. Amazing Grace does that to me, especially on bagpipes.