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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm Sure Some Were Disappointed

This morning, it was raining, the wind was howling from the north and it was in the fifties in Galveston, Texas. For those unfamiliar with this section of Texas, that's far from the normal morning of temperature in the seventies, a calm wind off the coast and the promise of a good day on the beach.

This is abnormal, but the temperature felt good, since we've already had our days with stifling humidity and highs in the nineties. I'm sure some tourists were disappointed, but tomorrow should warm up to near 80 and the calm winds will make the beach a great place to take a walk, or swim.

Me? Our work required a manlift, low winds and no rain, so I shut the project down first thing. After that, I did little of anything and took a needed nap. My batteries feel half-charged and will be full charged after a good nights sleep.


  1. There seem to be abnormal weather patterns all over this spring. Here it has been in the mid-50's with temps dropping close to freezing at night. Great weather for sleeping, but not so good for flowers and gardens. However, I will enjoy it now, for summer heat will probably be upon us soon. Nothing like you get, but hot enough.

    1. It's a rare occurrence, and the weather wizards are forecasting some record breaking low temperatures.

      Personally, I think it feels good. We've already had a taste of near summer conditions and I'm not looking forward to the blistering heat, with high humidity.

  2. It was the same way here in East Texas today. Chilly but a nice reprieve from the humidity. I'm actually surprised that we haven't been over 90 yet...but it's coming and Lord help us when it gets here. :(

    1. Today was one of those days you appreciate - no matter what you're doing - and enjoy every moment.