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Friday, May 30, 2014

Eric Johnson For Your Friday Evening

One of the finest guitarists and compositions.



  1. I knew the song but I am ashamed I didn't know the name or artist. That said, I always love a great guitarist. This reminded me of Joe Satriani. A buddy lent me his "Surfing with the Alien" cassette many years ago and it still has not been returned.

  2. From his appearance, I'm guessing he doesn't partake in mind influencing substances or frequently do things that he'd be ashamed of later.

    That's not good media behavior, which leads to little coverage and obscurity in the rock world.

  3. :D :D :D
    When I first heard Cliffs of Dover, I thought it was a Joe Satriani song. One of my all time faves, right up there with the classic guitar jams.

    Another one by Eric Johnson I would recommend is SRV, a tribute to the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan. Check it out on Youtube, you won't be disappointed.