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Friday, May 9, 2014

Hastags and Hash Marks

I'm somewhat of a dumbass, when it comes to the social media/smart phone nomenclature. So, when I first heard the term "hashtag" all I could think of was "hash mark".

I had to look the term up on the interwiz. From my perspective, there's not a whole lot of difference between the two.

I suppose I should be sorry, if I offended anyone; but I'm not.


  1. Took me awhile to realize that # was what they called the hashtag mark. Just thought it was like a exclamation mark. I don't have any of those new fangled things like facebook or twetter or pinterist. Asked my daughter if I should try them and she just laughed. Said I still try to spell things out. Laugh out loud.

  2. In the real world, it's called the pound, or number sign.

    With my old flip-top cell phone, it's tedious to scroll through the menus to find the symbol. Even if I wanted to find it, I don't have any use for it.