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Monday, August 11, 2014

As Obama Finds He's All Alone

The Middle East can only be described as a tangled, messy battlefield of ideological brutality. Those unwilling to follow the cruel Sharia dictates are being summarily forced to denounce their own faith, or brutally executed. Nobody is safe and even photographs of decapitated young, Christian girls are being circulated by the evil followers of a bizarre, cruel religion to warn of their violence against anyone that refuses their belief.

Meanwhile, the current administration finds it's lost even those that supported the haphazard lack of policies from the beginning. Why? There's now blood on the hands of this administration. Feckless, ideological policy only brought meddling, terrible avoidance of responsibility and the cruel deaths of thousands.

If there's one thing that turns the stomachs of U.S. citizens, it's the ugly, primitive politics of some foreign nations, where the innocent are murdered without qualms and tyranny controls with fear. To think our own government was instrumental in contributing to not only the continuance, but the increase of this violent, abhorrent condition of misery is unconscionable and horrifies anyone with the smallest amount of humanity and compassion.

I can see where the politically motivated would run from this administration. If they don't they become accessories to what is now genocide. Hopefully the media will soon follow. If not, those that refuse to accept their responsibility in this inhumanity will find their legacy will be that of the propaganda mills created by infamous leaders, such as Hitler and Stalin.

May God have mercy on their souls. History won't and shouldn't. A less civilized society would eventually become so sickened by their actions, they'd destroy them like a pestilent population of diseased rodents.    


  1. Thanks Ed. I wish every cable news outlet in the world was passing on the same information, instead of rationalizing their poor judgement.

  2. oh he is not alone we are all behind him....pushing him out of the White House.