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Friday, August 15, 2014

When Ignorance is Accepted

It's sad to watch how ignorance is now accepted. It's prevalent with the educated, uneducated, the media, with teachers, with professionals and even with the President. The inability to acquire knowledge I can understand; deliberately avoiding learning I can't.

When so many people are ignorant, leadership requirements are sub-standard. That creates more representatives that don't understand the reasons for the Constitution; and worse: they don't want to learn. Everyone suffers due to this and the ultimate result is what we now have as President. He's far from qualified for his position and unwilling to be productive, accept his responsibility and follow the laws he swore to uphold. This problem is exacerbated by journalist too drunk on their power to realize they've contributed to circumstances that aren't good for them either.

At times like this, a strong leader is demanded by society. Whether we have a good one will be seen.  Hopefully we do; and they can lead the U.S. away from the path it now follows.

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