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Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Perils of Religious War

In the Middle East, Christians are being terribly treated. At best, it's dislocation from lifetime homes. At worst, it's horrible deaths at the hands of radical Moslem fanatics.

While the fanatics think they're being supported by God, their exuberance for violence will lead to their own violent deaths. The destruction, murders and removal of the sanctity of peace, which every society yearns for, leads to a visceral response by those that make up the majority of the world. The response will be terrible for them to behold and the retributions will lead to many being hunted down and killed for their actions. You can't destroy so many lives, infrastructures and expect the citizens that abhor such actions to stand idly by forever; wherever the citizens may reside.

Some may think I'm wrong, but I'm not. Attempting to remove the basic beliefs of individuals by force only leads to rebellion; especially when the basic beliefs are of tolerance, acceptance and a genuine effort to improve lives and societies. The rebellion starts small, grows to include those that are sickened by what they see and the leaders find their last days are lonely times, with the knowledge their death may be very unpleasant.

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