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Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Doubt Anyone Gets a Refund

Pour ice water over your head, or give some money for ALS research......or not. According to this news report, 28% of funds to the ALS Foundation are used for research. The rest go to something else.

Charitable giving is one of the things U.S. folks are known for. It's a good thing, but many give without doing a little research on the organization they're giving their hard money to for support. Considering how huge the ice water challenge has affected the country, I'm thinking many will feel a little betrayed when they realize only 28 cents of every dollar they donated actually is used to find a cure for a horrific illness. If they're like me, that seems like a paltry proportion to use for what the money is actually given to accomplish.


  1. Jess don't get me started on this topic. Charities and churches are a ripe off. I was on a church staff years ago as a custodian. The stuff I heard and saw.....

    1. Charities prey on the goodness of people. That makes their thievery even more repulsive.