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Monday, August 18, 2014

It Really Doesn't Exist

I've used the term; so do many others. The term? I-Beam.

While it's commonly used to describe a type of structural steel, there is no designation "I" for describing a steel section shaped like an "I". The descriptions are "W" and "S", with the W shape a designation for wide-flange beams more commonly used for steel construction. S shapes aren't that common, since they don't have the same strength characteristics of W shapes and the inner part of a W shape is not as severely sloped as that of an S shape.

Now you can sleep better at night. I know such things bothered you to the point of restlessness.


  1. Ha! Now I know what I thought I knew before, but had it wrong! Now I am restless wondering if there might be one other thing I think I know but don't... Nah. That would be too coincidental.

    1. It's said: "The more you know; the more you realize you don't know". When you add the fact so much of what you know might not be correct, knowing about not knowing can be an entire head full of useless erroneous information .