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Friday, August 29, 2014

It's What We Make Of It

There's plenty of terrible news to read every day. We're bombarded with this news because the media outlets discovered it sells; and regardless to the mood it brings, scrambles to find the worst, so they can line their pockets. The result can be doom and gloom.

So, today I refuse to let it influence my thinking. It's good thoughts and an unwillingness to be sucked into the drama.


  1. It is good to keep abreast of what is going on in our world, skewed though the news mostly is. But sometimes a person needs to just pour a fresh cup of coffee or settle back with a novel or go outside and enjoy nature's beauty. Go smell a rose or two. Keeps us from going insane.

    1. It coffee doesn't work, a toddy may be the magic elixir. Whatever works; life is too short to spend it yelling at the computer.

  2. You're right Jess, all the ""news" is filtered through mostly one prism, with the added bonus of telling folks #1 what is important #2 what to think about it. I don't play that game either.

    And Good advice Vicki.

    1. If the news spent 1/4 of their time in providing thoughtful, educational commentary, without a political slant, the discussion of politics would be toward solutions, instead of back stabbing and mud slinging.