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Friday, August 15, 2014

Well; That Might Change Things.....Not

The newest reports on the alleged murder of a young man in Missouri state the victim was filmed in a convenience store; with the witness that stated he had his hands in the air, while shot; and in the process of stealing cigars, he physically attacked a clerk that tried to stop him form leaving the store.

The information will be ignored by the media, the criminals, and the looting will continue during the rioting. After all, you can't believe the police, when known criminals - with everything to lose - state a different version of the occurrence.  It's important that agitators continue to receive media attention and find new sources of income.

Personally, I'm ready to move far, far away; where the witnesses to criminals that invade my sanctuary only have the coyotes to tell their story. I'm sure they'll listen, while they enjoy their supper.


  1. Just another step down in this country, or another way to look at it, they are playing the race card once again. If it would have been a white guy vs black cop not a single thing would have happened.

    1. I think much of the outrage, and behavior, are overblown by the media. All communities don't like the discomfort of fear, and I doubt what's being portrayed is acceptable by the majority that live there.

      They're playing the race card, but it's looking like it might bite them on the ass.

  2. Without knowing all the facts, I think its safe to say that convenience store owner acted stupidly. He didn't build that!

    1. Without knowing all the facts, it's obvious that the policeman was a racist killer. Or the punk acted in a manner that convinced the cop he was about to be harmed.or both. Or neither. Or that a bunch of media whores, including local rioters, are taking advantage of the situation. But it's obvious, isn't it?

  3. When the cop was injured inside his car while the hooligan was obviously pushing him into the car (according to the witness), it seems the young man might not be so innocent. And, his eye witness just robbed or stood by as the dead man robbed the store. He was a man, not an innocent boy.

    Using fire to terrorize innocent people is an old ploy for these people.