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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Okay; I'll Admit It

Experience give the opportunity to observe people and events. The cumulative knowledge obtained is worth more than any advanced teachings and degrees. That's why I'm enjoying watching the current administration floundering, losing respect and almost panicking over the public perception of the fecklessness.

It didn't take much thought, or research, to understand the woeful incompetence of the President. He had no experience, was paraded like the entertainer he is, and allowed to ascend into a position that much more qualified men floundered in after acceptance.

To add to my humor is the "sudden" realization by the media their betrayal is starting to hit them in the pocket book. Those that were so willing to sacrifice the honorable path of their profession are finding they're considered inconsequential; or even derelict in their duty and dismissed as shallow, unreasonable people with little moral character.

You reap what you sow. We have a nation that sowed ignorance and is now facing a future where that ignorance will reveal the harm of such an action. Logical thinking was abandoned for momentary enjoyment and the lack of any enjoyment is on the horizon for many. The predator of reality doesn't need to stalk its prey; it's congregating at the pool of ignorance and ready for harvest.

As always, the strong will survive; but even if there's a national calamity, few will be willing to seek the solution found during the Great Depression. Governments create more problems than they solve. It's now obvious no government ever really represents the people that allow it to persist. Only liberty guarantees a healthy society. That's what the founders of the United States realized centuries ago. We were given a map to prosperity and it's now a crumpled mess; stuffed in the glove box; under a pile of napkins from a fast food restaurant.


  1. I can not add to this. Absolutely spot on.

  2. Mr. Jess - my sentiments exactly.
    BTW I enjoy your writing very much.

    1. I'm glad you do and honored you visit.

  3. And that last paragraph is absolutely, superbly worded.
    The last sentence particularly.