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Thursday, August 28, 2014

They Could Make it the Headline

When you stop and think of how people in Iraq are being brutally murdered by thugs, due to their religious belief, you'd think the likes of CNN would be spending days reporting the horror, instead of spending so much time on Missouri and meddling where they shouldn't.

The murders are horrific. Some are brutally beheaded; others are buried alive. The brutality doesn't end there. Women are raped before they're murdered or kept as sex slaves.

Rachel Maddow criticized the wuss Democrats in Washington. That's a little surprising, but maybe she's so disturbed, she's willing to give up her liberal hack secret decoder ring to help stop what any decent society would describe as barbarians. I can hope. The media is useless to those that are willing to butcher innocent civilians to terrorize.

There's a talk of going to war against ISIS. I don't think that's the proper method. Attack the bankers, suppliers and sympathizers. Conduct covert operations against the leadership and butcher them unmercifully. Call it cutting off the head of the snake, if you will. Without resources, ISIS will be dismantled and those that remain can be eliminated as found; just like the Nazis after WW 2.

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