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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Melting Ice and Strange Behavior

There's a man that's planning to live on an iceberg for a year to prove that AGW is a danger to the world and to promote the need for climate change action. 

I'm not an expert on climate change, but through my years of school, a little reading after that time, and some mixed drinks, nobody ever doubted ice will melt if the water is warmer than the temperature of the freezing water. In fact, even when humans weren't around, ice melted in water that was warmer than the freezing temperature of ice.

So, I'm thinking somebody has some money, is looking for publicity, has an ego the size of a small city, and needs to bring a few dozen Playboys, plenty of toilet paper and some baby wipes. Unless things have changed, there are few hot shower facilities on icebergs.

I won't call him a dumbass, but I suspect he might be one.


  1. I'm going with 'dumbass'. Icebergs are not stable things.

  2. Yep, probably not the sharpest marble in the drawer.
    But then again a lot is going to depend on 1) what he takes with him initially, 2) what his supporters can/will resupply him with (and how often) 3) how soon he and the public get bored with his grandstanding.................