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Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Words of a Hollow Man

Obama stated in a press conference yesterday it was not his decision to pull the troops from Iraq. This contradicts his earlier statements, where he patted himself on the back for ending the war in Iraq.

His reason for pulling the troops? A lack of a willingness by the Iraqi government to allow our troops to remain. Otherwise, whether he felt it was a bad idea, could have leveraged a presence until it was certain the usual corrupt politics of Iraq were not contributing to civil strife, he chose to follow an agreement, while he constantly ignored the basic agreements in the United States known as the rules of law.

Obama has no substance. He's as effective as a single scarecrow in a cornfield the size of a section of land. Everything that allows him to temporarily bask in self-adulation is good, while anything that appears bad is the fault of others; regardless of whether a current statement contradicts what he stated in the past; and it's obvious he was willing to claim responsibility for the actions at that time because they made him look good.

A responsible media would take him to task, expose such things and hound him until he either resigned, or the overwhelming wish of the public was to see him impeached. They did it with Nixon, but that caliber of journalism is almost gone. We have few willing to be free of the chains that bind them to politics that ignore liberty and responsibility. It's a sobering thing to watch and nothing good will ever come from the lack of integrity by those that were once trusted to be honest.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ed. I appreciate the link.

  2. The man is an inveterate effing liar. We said on Obama's second inauguration that war would "hopscotch" around the Middle East and "seep into" Israel. It is so sad to be right. Keep up the good work.

    1. The country would be so much better if the majority of the media would hound this administration about the lies, criminal acts and outright lies.