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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I buy dozens of batteries every year at work for equipment. They range from small 12 volt batteries for generators, to 24 volt monsters that can blow the end off a screwdriver; if you happen to ground the positive post to the frame.

The price of the critters has become out of hand. Between the EPA finally closing the last smelter, the fact the market knows it can take advantage of this fact, regulations, and the cost of fuel, the price of a lead/acid storage battery has doubled.

This sucks. My solution is to limit employees of any government entity but one battery every ten years. Private citizens can buy as many as they want. That way, between the cost of jumping cars, and the after retail costs of batteries, private citizens can be reimbursed for some of the exorbitant taxes and punish the pinheaded bureaucrats that make their lives miserable.

"Need a jump?"

"One hundred dollars!!!???"

"So you remember when I told you there was a mistake on my water bill?"

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