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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Attrition and Retribution

News reports state it's now known who executed James Foley.  The waiting game begins, but the young, former rapper is now marked for death; and I have the feeling nobody will demand his arrest. Being his executioner will become an approved distinction and the more brutal the death, the happier the world.

He'll be found, whether guilty, or not. The number of fellow jackals eliminated to find the intended prey may be a large number. If so, the world will only find more joy; those that are part of the butchery are just as guilty.

So, the terrorists now wait. More than likely, those that handle the money conveniently placed much of it in accounts only they can access, at a price that even the supposedly most ethical banker can rationalize a "temporary" removal of ethics. Those that believe they're fighting a worthy cause will find their numbers dwindling, conditions becoming more dire, and resources becoming scarce. The wannabes will find they'd rather stay away; a hot morning beverage is more enjoyable in the comfort of peace, instead of as prey for a righteously indignant world.

It's now even more apparent ISIS is not organized, the leadership are opportunistic thugs, and their followers are cannon fodder for their illegal activities. The ideology that drives the movement is avarice and those foolish enough to become involved are now marked for death. May it be soon and brutal. They deserve no mercy.


  1. When we had all our yard sculptures stolen, and the neighbor had her security lights broken with one vertical jump, there was ONE person leading the pack. He's gone, and peace has returned. But when you have a major group of trouble-makers, there are always more "leaders" with their own agenda, making one true leader impossible to ear-mark. Kill 'em all and let god sort them out.

    1. That's how I feel. Some people decided to leave the human race, become vermin, and should be treated as such.