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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Perils of Leadership

I've been in supervisory position for decades; from a crew foreman to a project manager for the refitting of a shipyard. Never have I spent most days relishing the responsibility. Too many things can go wrong and it's my job to insure the damage is minor.

So, now we have a President that came into that position without any supervisory experience. To aggravate this lack of experience, he had no business and very little legal experience. What political experience he acquired was as a candidate; his time spent doing the muscle work of law making was minimal.

Right, wrong or indifferent, many in the world envision the United States as a leader. Why? I don't really know, but I have the feeling it's because our government is not based on allowing a few dictate to the many. Liberty is the intended goal and liberty is the greatest gift anyone can want.

The world is now feeling insecure, due to the unbridled violence reported on the news and hard economic times helped created by feckless actions by the U.S. government. A void is being created and the opportunity for a leader is apparent. Philosophical musings are not important any longer. It's all about survival and many will accept tyranny instead of death.

I'd say the entire world is living during dangerous times. How dangerous that is will be determined by whether the United States continues to wallow in incompetence, or a good leader emerges to lead us through some tough times.


  1. The larger question is who has the leadership skills needed to replace the current administration, and repair our own country?? At that point we need to worry about America before we start repairing our relations with other country's.

    1. That's exactly right. We can't help anyone unless we help ourselves first.

      As far as leaders, any leader will have to go after the media. I think it's ready for someone to expose the bad and help those with ethics to return in control.

    2. The media will always hide behind "Freedom Of The Press" so you will still have the spin Drs.

  2. There's management and then there's leadership.
    One is the ability to bring everything together to a desired result.
    The other is to get people to work toward a common goal.
    He still has neither.

    1. My personal philosophy is you manage cattle, and lead people. Barack Obama couldn't lead a cow through a gate, with a bucket of feed, and a rope.