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Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

Warning: If you're offended by adult language, read no farther!

Today is my day. I've labored for over forty years, so this is my day to celebrate....what? Working hard? Celebrating those that are buying meat I can't afford with food stamps and barbecuing on the porch of their section 8 housing...with a power gate and pass code?

How about the hard work of our government employees....all 1/4 of them that probably have any function, while the rest receive a paycheck to harass me to continue their worthless existence? Politicians? Retailers that marked everything up last week so it appears they're giving you a discount on Labor Day?

And only one day? Hell, the President has pissed off weeks, and weeks, on my dime, with security. Labor day should be at least a week; with pay and bonuses. Politicians and bureaucrats should fan me, offer me grapes and beg those that actually produce something not to place a bounty on them and offer prizes for those that are most revolting.

Yep, it's Labor Day; the day honest labor is rewarded like the pivot man at a circle jerk.

Bleh! I need to go cut some grass and trim some trees.


  1. I am still trying to find the "adult" language. hehehehe

    Have a great day Jess, sooner or later the whole thing is going to go to hell. Maybe those that pick up the pcs will learn, but I doubt it.

    1. If they intend for me to help, they need to get out their checkbook and be ready to borrow some money.

  2. I don't know what job you have but after forty years I for one would say Thank You for your hard work. If I remember Labor Day was a day the Unions of America had picnics for they members. I don't hear of many of those anymore.

    1. Construction. When I think of the long days of pulling concrete when the temperature was in the nineties, and some ass was standing on the corner drinking beer on my dime, I begin to wonder who the biggest fool actually was.

  3. I worked yesterday. It amazes me how many places are open on Labor Day and other holidays. It makes me a little angry when people get paid days off and expect other people to work minimum wage on the holiday so they can "relax and recreate." On major holidays, I do my best to stay at home, I certainly don't want to be the reason some unfortunate person is forced to miss the holiday and have to work. I know this isn't exactly the point you were making, but it's what ticks me off about holidays.

    1. It's like Walgreen's and Christmas day. Holidays are a source of income and it doesn't matter what the day is called.