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Friday, August 24, 2012

Anti-Doping Agency?

Apparently there is such a thing, and they stripped Lance Armstrong of 4 titles and banning him from future competition. Armstrong will not fight their determination any longer.

What I find fascinating is that this organization is not a government entity and is only "recognized" by Congress, which is like being recognized by that crazy drunk in Walmart at 2:00 am. They're the strong arm for Olympic sports drug testing, which I'm guessing gives them a feeling of unhealthy self-importance.

Personally, I say screw the Olympics and the horse they rode in on. It's all politics and unmitigated horse shit in the first place.


  1. Like Lance said - they don't have the authority to take his medals. Perhaps he did dope. My GAS meter is astoundingly low in this case. If he's a serious doper, he'd have been caught by now by the appropriate authorities.

  2. From my perspective, the organization is another attempt to control, manipulate and increase the power of people without the consent of the people they're attempting to control.

    A less polite society would pelt these meddlers with rotten tomatoes and impolitely ask them to take a hike.