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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Younger Folks

One of my perceptions of younger people in this country is that they're smart. Sometimes, you begin to wonder if they are, since too many are ignorant of some things that are important in life. This article gives me hope. After all, whether the younger folks believe it or not, most people my age are depending on them to be inspired, productive and eventually successful. Their life should be better than mine and they should be able to take full advantage of what worked in the past and excel with what they develop over their life. They'll never achieve this without avoiding the traps of a progressive society that only requires ignorance and mediocrity.

Time will tell whether the youth of today carry the day and inspire the world. I have faith in them. Mostly because they're smart and will figure out they are their greatest resource and only liberty gives them the tools they need.

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