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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pointing Fingers

"The Tonight Show" is laying off people and Jay Leno is taking a cut in salary to help keep some jobs. What does this mean?

If you read the article, you get an idea of the tremendous amounts of money that networks deal with. They have a huge appetite, so it takes those amounts to keep the lights on.

If you read the comments, you see there's a disagreement on the merits of the host and complaints of the corporation that owns NBC. Fingers are being pointed, but I don't think most of those commenting really understand.

My opinion? NBC has burned its butt with the viewers/ The news is a progressive pile of feces and the reputation of the network is beyond the description of "tarnished". They crossed the line, danced along the cliff and the edge has crumbled.

I don't think NBC is alone and the other networks that followed the same path are in the same condition. While they've championed the progressive administration and actions, they've contributed to a crummy economy, lost the viewers they need to survive and now are faced with the same thing taxpayers faced for the last 4 years. Hope for a quick fix is gone, lowering expenses is imperative and the long haul is uphill.

How's that NBC? Your "Hope and Change" was a song and dance. What you don't realize is that regaining your market share may be impossible. I know I'll probably never watch you network again and I don't feel I'm alone with my opinion.


  1. Hadn't heard any of this.
    Glad I did, now.
    Wish your analysis got better exposure, but linking it at my blog might have a negative effect :)

  2. Didn't know about The Tonight Show - never watch it anyway!

    I watch network television for the local news and some sporting events. CBS has NCIS - guess if they went away, I'd miss that. Otherwise, the rest can go away for all I care.