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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Healthiest Diet For Everybody

Every day, I'm bombarded with advice on what to eat. It's reached the point it's past irritation; mostly because the arrogance of many nutritionists. Some fall into the category of evangelist with their preaching and  they prey on ignorance.

What's the best diet? Eat any damn thing you want, except in moderation. If you're overweight, don't eat as much. It's that simple and I guarantee you will lose weight; especially if you increase your exercise too.

I know some will think:

 "But, some people have food allergies, or diabetes. They can't eat anything they want."

Of course not. That's why they're under the care of a doctor that uses the advances of modern medicine - not a tabloid - to help them with their nutritional needs.

Others will think: "But, you need to eat the healthy foods with vitamins and fiber."

Why? You can buy vitamin supplements, which you probably need anyway. Most commercial fruits and vegetables are picked early. Without the full time to ripen, the nutritional value is reduced. As far as fiber, you can buy that in a bottle.

Anyway, none of this is magic. If you spend a little time reading, you'll find the science of nutrition bounces between good and bad. Eggs are terrible last week, but good this week...maybe. Meanwhile, my grandfather  lived to 96 and ate eggs every day for breakfast.

You can worry about this, or enjoy life by eating what you like. Who knows, you might meet a long lost friend when you go to pick up that pizza. If not, get extra cheese and enjoy.

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