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Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Been Dry

It's been dry for the last few weeks. We've had some hit and miss showers, but nothing substantial and the ground is starting to crack. I think that's going to change over the weekend.

A cool front is anticipated to travel south and park over our area. To add to this usual rain event, a tropical hoodoo in the Bay of Campeche is anticipated to slowly move northwesterly, which will add a substantial amount of moisture to an unstable air mass.

Radar and satellite graphics show a cluster of showers from a shortwave impulse on the front and a sea breeze front is developing along the coast. Since they're moving towards our location, I'm pretty sure the outcome will be rain.

So, since I was planning to do some yard work this weekend, with some selective applications of insecticides and herbicides, I can now change my plans, or take numerous naps.

What do you think I'll do?


  1. I vote for naps. Nothing better than a cool breeze, a good book and cat naps.

  2. AS it turned out, the rain didn't start until the afternoon, so I was involved with cutting grass, repairing the lawnmower and cutting grass.