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Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm Sick and Tired of the Alphabet Networks

I have many reasons:

- The men portrayed on most shows might as well put on lingerie, stand in front of the mirror and recreate scenes from "Cabaret".

- The women, although they look fabulous, are not the least bit convincing  while they pretend to dig body parts from a dumpster in heels, makeup and expensive designer clothes.

- The newscasters, obviously educated in some bastion of progressive drivel, haven't a clue on what it takes to make this country work. I have no recommendations for them. I do think they waste the air they breathe.

- The daytime show hosts are pinheads.

- The sitcoms are putrid.

- The late night shows - besides being on at an unreasonable hour - are hosted by former comedians that now only appear as cynical and petty.

Otherwise, these networks offer me nothing. That's why I stopped watching any of them. At one time, I had one show I'd compromise my values to watch, but I've decided the reruns are better than the new shows and they're not on the alphabet networks.

So, here's in your face alphabet networks:

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