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Friday, August 31, 2012


The last 100 years are full of political failures. From the Nationalsozialismus  to the United of Soviet Socialist Republics, millions have died of neglect, intentional genocide and the horrors of starvation due to the lack of resources. Either through warfare, or economic collapse, these forms of government failed and history proves they don't work. 

Currently, many in the United States government have embraced the ideology that led to these forms of progressive governments. The similar promises of change and a better life for every citizen is eerily similar and only forecasts the destructive eventualities. 

So, if you're following this line of thought, and have some bizarre idea this experiment will be any different, your ability to reason is flawed and you should abstain from voting in the next election. The entire world will be become better due to your restraint and honest assessment. I'll thank you before you make this logical choice.  


  1. You've just described my mother...and when I try to tell her that Obamacare will limit her healthcare as an older person, she just says it means she'll see her youngest son (my brother who died at age 4) sooner.

    And she doesn't care about the contraceptive debate because she's 'too old to get pregnant'.'s all good when its someone else's problem.

  2. Nationalsozialismus is wonderful coinage. Might have to steal it!

  3. Next in line: The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

    The "Arab Spring" started with food riots, and the MB hasn't done anything to fix that, aside from buying more Abrams tanks from us. This winter is going to be very interesting in Egypt.

    And by 'interesting', I mean "Holy S***! They're invading who?!?!"

    Yeah, okay, I got a little off-topic there.