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Saturday, August 18, 2012

That's Great....Or Is It?

Imagine how parents must feel when their kid is accepted in a university with a good ranking? My question:
How would they know it's a good university?


  1. Easy! Go to the unemployment office and ask everyone in line which college they attended.


    1. Universities followed the path real estate followed. There was a huge amount of government sponsored money, so they did everything they could to grab as much as possible; never admitting the eventual outcome would not be good.

  2. At one time, a college education meant somebody could grasp the advanced teachings and apply the knowledge to a career, which usually yielded a better income.

    Now, since the universities decided to increase revenue by lowering standards, a degree can turn out to be nothing but something to hang on the wall.

    To add insult to injury, quotas for certain members of society demanded the universities accept sub-standard students to satisfy the whims of the government. The result is the likes of Barack Obama,who is so ashamed of his grades, he refuses to release them to the public. The great social experiment of "diversity" has resulted in mass mediocrity, which is deplorable.