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Sunday, August 5, 2012

End of Summer

Officially, it's a substantial amount of time until the end of Summer, but it can end long before that date.

I haven't yet determined if it will be an early Fall, but over the next few weeks, an early cool front can change things tremendously. The cooler, drier air, which accentuates the normal cooling at night, seems to knock the heat out of Summer. Instead of temperatures pushing 80 in the early morning, the low 70's are like air conditioning and a welcome relief.

Who knows, but the afternoon thunderstorms bring a comforting feeling as I listen to the low rumble in the distance. They're cooling somewhere and the sun is getting lower every day. Eventually, the oppressive heat will end and the pleasant cool mornings of Autumn will arrive.

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  1. It is man made but not due to climate change. HAARP and weather wars.

    Yea, I know...

    Tin foil'r but, what if?