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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cabbage Sloppy Joes?

The First Lady served this "healthy" meal at the "Official Kids State Dinner" in Washington yesterday: Cabbage Sloppy Joes and Zucchini Fries. Where's the meat? Meat is good for you and the supposed healthy meal is lacking in this basic food group.

If you peruse the menu, your realize it was the "winners" of some BS contest, which anyone with sense knows is propaganda. The First Lady is supposedly worried about the health of obese children, yet has no idea of how a meal with nothing but vegetables is perceived by most Americans. What's most surprising is the lack of meat, which is not a contributor to obesity.

My wife's cousin would tease her mother about eating pumpkin soup when she was a child in occupied France. They didn't have a clue and my wife was surprised when I told her many French, while starving during the occupation, had very little to eat and resorted to eating what they had, which was pumpkin soup on many occasions. They had no choice and their health was affected.

So, this "Vegan" crap is, in my opinion, another way for this administration to demand mediocrity and more of the same push to claim our third world status. It's perfectly okay for the children to be limited in choices for food, but the White House chefs serve five star restaurant dishes. It's like "Let them eat cake". The arrogance is repulsive and the ignorance is appalling.


  1. I know what cabbages does to me. I'm sure the parents appreciate the concern she showed for their kids nutrition.


  2. I'm thinking there might be hash marks in their underwear.

  3. I watched the newscast with my mouth open, and not because I was drooling. BUT, take a gander at the children who showed up. Three piece suits and nothing less than a billion in their dad's savings account. And, not a fat kid there.

  4. I wonder why for centuries, before the government handed out grants for nutritional research that turned into life long occupations for some, people did quite well and lived long lives eating foods cooked in lots of tasty butter or lard?


  5. I think people were more physically active, but then again, people died much younger than today. My age, at the turn of the century, would be considered old.

  6. As a person who has studied nutrition and health (which I suspect is more than Michelle can say for herself and speak the truth, but then truth likely never stopped her kind), but not necessarily a "health nut" or a certificate holding moron, I thought I'd share my two cents: Eat some goddamned meat. In my generation it was "beef, it's what's for dinner." There's never been a single vegetarian in my family and they all have cleared 90. Oh, and by the way, if it wasn't for meat, none of us would have climbed down out of the trees and left the forests.

    I'll give back your soapbox now.