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Friday, August 5, 2011

Grocery Shopping

Yep. Early in the game, and I have a post about grocery stores, which include Super Walmarts (which seem to be the worst). It's about the mouth gaping people that stare at you while they block access to the one thing you're after. They're the same people that turn a shopping trip into a family reunion and block access to entire sections as they try to formulate enough collective thought to remember they're there to get groceries.

If you're one of these people, and are offended by my post, remember I'm only posting because I don't like you. Get out of the way.


  1. Don't forget the cart people. Not the shopping carts. Those motorized death machines overloaded with freakpeople. Those people will stare AND run you over.

  2. Since the closest grocery store is on my way home from work, I generally get the nod to do the food procurement...and let me just say, that I envy our hunter-gather ancestors. Going up against a wooly mammoth with a pointed stick seems much preferable to getting in a check-out line behind an 80-year-old coupon clipper who only pays with checks and remembers the days when you could bargain with your green grocer on prices.

  3. And the people who park their carts diagonally in the middle of an aisle. And then when they notice that they're in the way they act all apologetic and embarrassed. What?! Did your cart move there by itself when you weren't looking, just to embarrass you?

  4. Oh, my gosh. I thought my local Mart of Wal was the only one where people did the diagonal-cart, family-reunion, access-blocking people.

    I do find that going shopping at 7 am on a Saturday eliminates some of those problems, because most of the real problem people are still asleep.

    I just hope I never get behind an "extreme couponer" in the checkout line, because I probably will wind up going postal.

  5. I got stuck behind a woman who kept sending her adorable kids running back to get more stuff while she was checking out. After the 3rd trip back, as the kid turned around for another run, he tripped over some careless jerk's boot. I said I'd do it again, too.