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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The mind

During my life, I've thought of our minds as being like a computer, full of circuits that process information. Lately, I've had some thoughts about this subject.

Computers can be analyzed. Otherwise, I could take your computer, fire it up and analyze everything about it. I could see the processor speed, the different connections and how much memory was available. A few minutes of examination would reveal everything about your computer.

I wonder if people are like this? Are all brains basically the same? If we could analyze brains, would they all be easily examined and all the workings understandable?

What if brains were all different? Would we be horrified of the images when we compared them to our own? Would orange be green? Would light be dark? Would lanquage be incomprehensible? Would a horse smell like peanuts?

My mind boggles.

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