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Friday, August 12, 2011

The photo at the top.... Mount Redoubt in Alaska, which has it's own web page. 

I became interested in volcanos after a movie I saw as a child.

In the movie, the heroine (who wore a grass skirt, or something like that) dove into the volcano at the end. I don't remember the plot, the story or the stars. I do remember the nightmare I had that night.

In the nightmare, I was walking through a field by my house, when I noticed a huge hole in the middle. As I passed, I heard something, turned and was terrified of the T-Rex that appeared. I ran, it started chasing me and I escaped by running into the house. I was safe.......not.

When I was glancing through the blinds, a volcano started erupting (no, we didn't really have volcanos) and lava surrounded the house. I was trapped and the feeling was horrible. Before we burned, I woke up.

So, for some reason, I became really interested in volcanos. I'm still interested, although I wouldn't want to visit one.


  1. I agree on the appeal of volcanoes... nice to watch on TV, never ever want to be near one.
    That movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche, "Volcano", the scene where the heroic actions of the guy on the trolley finds him knee deep in lava? Scares the hell out of me to this day.

  2. Volcanos spew gases that are full of sulphur compounds, which smell like flatulance. That alone is enough to keep me from wanting to visit. It's bad enough having to use the restroom at McDonalds.