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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I'm new at the blog game, so I'm in the dark about some things.

One thing I notice about some blogs is itemized postings. Otherwise, there are categories for the different posts, so the reader can peruse the categories they find interesting. I think it's a good idea, but then I'd have to keep a list of categories, which I could do, although I'd probably just make them up as I go and finally realize I had a category for every post. This would sorta ruin the whole "file cabinet" aspect of posting.

I don't really pay attention to categories. Not  that I don't like the idea, but I was so emeshed with the categories of one blog, I had an Eienstein moment and forgot to eat for about a week. That wasn't so bad, because I was about 10 pounds overweight before I started. My doctor warned me that was enough, so I avoid looking at categories.

So, my question: Categories or not? I can put them, but if you lose weight, I have to charge a few bucks. After all, if "Weight Watchers" can make a buck off writing, I should have the same opportunity.


  1. I only started doing categories when I switched to WordPress because, being an uneducated cavedweller, I thought I had to. Like an unspoken rule that if I broke it, I'd be shunned. SHUNNED, do you hear me?
    Since then I've learned not having categories isn't valid grounds for shunning. Apparently Comic Sans is. Oh, and ALL CAPITALS.
    I still like Comic Sans. Don't tell.

  2. I used Wordpress when I was blogging, and it kept track of the categories for me. You assigned the category from a drop-down list, so you avoided duplicates that way. I don't know if Blogspot does that or not. As far as the main question here, it matters not at all to me if you use categories or not. If you choose not to use categories, you might want to add a search box at the top of the page so that someone looking for, say, your post(s) about refineries can search for them and not have to read about cantaloupe or black widows in the process

  3. Most of the time I forget to even put a category on an entry and will do it a week later. It's just another way for people to reference back I reckon.