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Sunday, August 28, 2011

To the 700 pound person...

...that was in the line at the grocery store. Drinking from a half gallon of fruit juice, while in line, indicates you have absolutely no desire to lose the weight that is bending the wheels on the electric cart. Thank goodness you were discreet while paying for your food. If you had pulled out a Lonestar Card, I might have created a reason for a cleanup at checkout no. 6.

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  1. Once, a long long time ago, when I thought being a nutrition counselor was a good idea, I was ordered by a physician to instruct a 600+ pound man on a low salt diet.

    Because when your flesh is literally rotting all over your body and you can be smelled from the opposite end of the ward with doors closed, and you can't stay awake for 5 continuous minutes a low salt diet is really going to change your life.