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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

As He Travels About

Obama is on a mission to talk. He's good at that, but it seems that's only when someone writes something for him to say.

The media will cover every event, although I doubt they'll show much of the audience, since it will be thin. I'm thinking many will be paid to attend. The others probably don't have a job, live off public funds and will be promised a free meal.

Meanwhile, the real citizens of the United States will go to work, or continue to search for a job. Those without jobs are who I worry about. They are being punished so a political ideology can continue to fail at a pace that would accelerate if most of the media did their jobs.

Considering how much of the press corps depends on watchers to allow them to continue their misleading reporting, I'm thinking the best way to show your disdain is to avoid any of the alphabet networks, so their advertisers will get the message the productive people in this country have had enough. The plain, simple fact is that people that live off public money will never spend enough to make up the shortfall of revenue required to continue the charade. Things don't work that way. You can't pull buckets of water from one end of the pond, pour it in the other end and expect the water to rise. The water spilled in the process is never recovered, and evaporation eventually leads to stagnation.

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