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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Choom and Gloom

I wonder if more stories, and information as such as this, will sift through the censorship by our own media?

This entire Presidency was built upon incomplete information, an effort by the media to avoid their job and the pinheaded voters that were so gullible to believe being able to read teleprompter is proof of the qualifications required to be the Chief Executive of the United States.

I'm hoping so. After the terrible efforts by the press to discredit George Bush - even trying to portray outright falsehoods as news - it's only fair that the actual past of Obama be laid out to U.S. citizens, so they can see who he actually is. Hiding his past was not only despicable, it was an injustice to any U.S. voter that actually trusted the media to present facts that would help them make a good decision.


  1. Gullibility is the culprit. And personally, I don't think Obama is smart enough to bring this country to its knees like he's succeeded in doing. I think he's got lots of backup, and we need to dismantle the woodpile to find all of his henchmen before they give us another man to elect. All he'll have to do to succeed is promise unlimited calling on those phones. They've got everything else.

    1. He's not. He's a pawn, and I'm thinking he's realizing his toilet paper status daily.

      Of course, he'll never buck the puppeteers. They constantly tell him how wonderful he is.

  2. Don't look too closely at his past or you might get the business side of a large hammer. If you're lucky, maybe just a little prison time like D'Souza

    1. If the media ever gets over their infatuation, there aren't enough goons to keep all of them silent.

      I don't know why, but I have a feeling the Democratic Party is about to the point they'll have shed their problem people to keep Hillary in the running. Obama, and his minions, are becoming a liability and I'm hoping the media turns on him.