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Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Call It a Stalemate

The President is ignoring laws, making his own with executive orders and Congress is sitting on its hands. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is taking their sweet time making decisions on appeals that should be slam-dunk easy; if they follow the Constitution. The military is taking a hickey with downsizing and too many in charge aren't leaders; they're administrative pogues impersonating officers.

Meanwhile, the economy is stumbling along and the media is ignoring the fact they're as much a contributor to problems as the panderers and crooks in Washington.

Where does this all lead? I don't have a crystal ball, but the majority of the country has had enough.

Me? I'm boycotting every media outlet I don't like. That may not seem like much, but my effort seems to be joined by others. Some outlets are suffering to the point of laying off people and scrambling for programming that makes them money. Fat chance they'll be successful, since they haven't a clue how many people would rather see them all panhandling on the street corner rather than watching or purchasing products from the advertisers.

I find enjoyment in seeing these outlets falling. Their traitorous efforts to remove Constitutional rights only make me wish them the greatest of harms. People died to have the opportunity of liberty. Any attempt to remove liberty is as vile an act as murder. The final outcome of either action is death and suffering.

Many in the government are abusing their power and using it in an attempt to silence detractors of current political leaders. That's a terrible mistake and will only lead to their failure. We aren't a country of people that accept tyranny. Never have been; never will.


  1. I so agree. Amen, Brother, preach it.

    1. I think a substantial amount of people in the media are well aware of the problems the country faces. The other half is either part of the shenanigans, or ignorant, due to their inability to grasp logic or their geographical location. Those in large cities have a distorted view of the United States, since their entire existence is orchestrated by bureaucracy.

      The rural folks suffer more than they should. Shrinking resources force drastic life changes and when they observe illegal aliens travelling with impunity, they become angry their country is so unprotected and exposed to the financial burdens these people bring. Their medical help becomes farther away, and what is available, has resources allocated to those that don't pay a penny into the system.

  2. When more Americans prefer freebies to freedom, these great United States will become a fertile ground for tyranny. Allen West
    I think we've long since arrived but I agree there are quite a few still that will not allow this to stand.

    1. Those that rely on the free stuff depend on the working folks for their daily stipend. Those working folks will soon be unwilling to provide the money and the crap will hit the fan.