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Friday, January 10, 2014

Unintended Consequences

I haven't been following too closely, but from what I do know, Chris Christie wasn't happy with all of his kingdom, made some comments that were taken to heart, and a bridge was closed for frivolous reasons, which caused unnecessary traffic delays. This is bad, since the effects weren't frivolous.

Now, the Democratic Party minions have turned on Christie like a feral hog on a garter snake. Satan is a Sunday school teacher compared to the reprobate they're portraying. They show Christie as a vindictive politician that used his power in an attempt to punish, and is now trying to cover it up.

So, supporters are coming up with reactions like: "This is child's play compared to "Fast and Furious", or Benghazi, or the I.R.S. scandal, or Obamacare and some things that were intended to be downplayed are now being exposed by the same media that was doing everything possible to keep the general public clueless of the scandals.

If you're not convinced that most of the media is as feckless as most government entities, this should convince you how little information is released due to a political agenda.

If not, you're wasting oxygen and should find the nearest tall bridge to take care of a serious problem with our society.


  1. Replies
    1. I don't know why so many people deny the manipulations will eventually cause them harm. Time teaches important lessons and this is one of the most important.

  2. It's a strange position for me to be in. I am no fan of Christie ever since it's been clear he is nothing more than a RINO in the mold of Dole, McCain, and Romney. The Obama makeout session on the beach after Sandy was the clincher for me. However, the ones attacking him now (the media and the left) have no redeeming qualities at all. They may very well look back and deeply regret they took Christie out as the Republican nominee (if this is how it plays out) and a true warrior conservative in the mold of Ted Cruz steps into the vacuum.

    1. I'm developing the opinion this is a shining example of the hypocrisy our political system created. There is no real honor, or an effort to solve problems when they become apparent; there is only an analysis of the event, an effort to hide, denial and the final realization that leadership means admitting mistakes when it's too late to make a difference.

  3. I too am no fan of Christie, believing him to be the ultimate RINO more in lockstep with Democrat than Republican ideals, and am kind of happy to see his ship start to go down. Unfortunately this just goes to show how leaderless we are as a country, with absolutely no one qualified or worthy to step up to the plate of dealing with America's problems. All we have are career politicians that can be bought for the right price (or votes) for any side, or radical progressives that wish to undermine everything we hold dear.

    1. I think the Democrats were happy to think they could have Christie as an opponent against Hillary, until he became entangled in scandal, which is leading to the scandal called Hillary Clinton.

      They're now desperate and need him out of the way as soon as possible. They need to find another Republican contender to mold into a "credible" opponent to their intended President.