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Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'm Blaming Solar Activity

The internet has been flaky for the last few days. While I could think of this as a temporary problem with one isp, multiple isp's are involved, sometimes it's only single sites,  and the problems persist.

Since I saw a photo of a huge sunspot facing our direction, I'm figuring it's the culprit. I might be wrong, but it makes more sense than more than one service provider having a bunch of technical problems. That's possible, but when something else explains it better, I'll go with the something else.


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    1. Yes. I wonder how he sleeps, knowing he was responsible for the death of Jesus.

  2. I have dish when normally I get about 450Kbs downloads and for the last two days, I've been suffering with an average of about 7-10Kbs.

    I have a 17GB max download for a 30 running period and at about 13GB they start down throttling me but it's never been this slow. I haven't received a FAP notice by email (yes, they really call it that but it tells ya when you're getting close to 13Gb) so I think you're onto it with the solar flares.

    1. Our Fair Access Policy will throttle down the speed to what appears as old dial-up speeds when it's exceeded at work. We know when that happens and it hasn't happened, although the speed will lower and the modem will lose signal all together.

      Today wasn't as bad, so the activity is at a lull, or over.