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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Where Does It Stop?

Web pages accumulate more crap; the crap is a resource hog; and all the bells and whistles only make me leave, because the damn page won't load, due to all the crap.

I don't know about you, but I feel the attempt to make everything shiny has dulled the internet. There's a point where the accumulation of crap only makes the entire experience a lesson in futility.


  1. I agree. And the quickest way to drive me off of a web page is to have too many moving gadgets and widgets competing for my attention.

    1. Some web pages are too "busy" for me. I don't need all the gadgets, videos or slick ads.

  2. The hotshot kids that designed that page are breaking their arms trying to pat themselves on their backs for being so clever, when they really really need to adhere to the KISS principle. If it's there because nothing else will do, ok. Most of the time, not so much - it's just bandwidth hog bs.

    1. Simplicity was demanded, when computing resources were limited. It seems that bandwidth, memory and processing power are taken for granted, which I find arrogant and disrespectful.