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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Watching and Waiting

Over the last few days, I've had double the view of what I considered a good day. After perusing the outer perimeter, I realized it's due to bots.

In the past, bots would occasionally happen by, test the defenses and go on their way. I'd have days of peace.

Now, I realize they're amassing in a large group; waiting and hoping to find a weakness in the walls.

I hope I'm ready for their onslaught. The moat is full, the oils is heating and the arrow maker notified me he has reached maximum storage capacity.

I wait....the night will be long.


  1. Don't shoot!
    I forgot the password!

    1. There is no password. We have a bot tester we bought at Lowe's.

  2. For some reason, my traffic feed shows the Russian Federation as my top visitor???? 2nd only to "the United States"... Should I be worried?

    1. I find that my statistics are the same.

      I don't make any determination on where bots come from. We pour boiling oil over all of them and let God sort them out.

  3. these are not the droids you're looking for.

    1. I'll tell the guards to hold up on the boiling oil.