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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Freeze Is Over

The big freeze is over, for here, although many places are still below freezing. I guess the true believers will turn this into some direct result of global warming, even though the last 14 years haven't shown any increase in global temperature averages. 

Many will probably be trying to figure out how many trees they need to plant, because they forgot to turn off the porch light. 

Meanwhile, Al Gore naps, comfortably warm in his private jet; on the way to bilk a few hundred thousand from his fans. 



  1. Dumbasses for sure. I call them my little gullible progressive friends who get their info from NPR, MSNBC, or hard news from Chris Mathews, Jon Stewart, or Rachel Maddow.- and believe everything they are fed by these fools. And they think I'm the crazy one.

    1. They've made up their minds and don't wan to be confused by the facts.