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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Federal Contractor Imperial Mandate

The President is supposed to sign an Executive Order mandating the raising of the minimum wage with Federal contractors.  That's probably within the gray area of his powers, but it has consequences.

Contractors are paid due to contract stipulations. If the contract is a good contract, the demand for higher wages gives means for the contractor to recoup costs. If not, the contractor can only use legal channels to make the effort to be reimbursed.

The additional cost source is the sticky area. If the money is already allocated, the costs will be taken from other sources to make up the difference. That's were you'll probably see this money come from, but you'll not find out where money was cut, until the harm is done.

I'm thinking the military will bear the brunt of the differences in costs. They're the least favorite of Obama's least favorites and he doesn't care how much it affects the people that serve this country.

I don't know how those in the military, or any agency that is faced with budget shortages due to the whims of an out of control President, will react, but I'm willing to bet their wishes for the health of the President aren't good.


  1. The ONLY reason I wish him good health is because Biden is backing him up as replacement. Going from an ass-hole to a buffoon will not make America look any better in the eyes of the world... much less us at home.

  2. No offense meant, but "how America is looked upon by the rest of the world" is usually a leftist goal and not our first priority. If we take care of our real priorities, the rest of the world will fall into two camps where they belong. That is, #1 allies and #2 those who fear us. Biden the buffoon wouldn't have the malevolent goals and skills to get us there that this POSPOTUS possesses. We would have a much better chance of surviving the remainder with clueless joe at he wheel.

  3. I think we've reached a point in this country, where the biggest goal is survival. When it's all said and done, the liberal mind set that threatens survival will find few participants. They've proved they can't influence without subversion and terrorist politics. Their unwillingness to accept their system has failed many times in the last 100 years only shows an insanity that rewards despots and those willing to sacrifice liberty for a stipend. Neither of those type of people ever survive in a healthy society.

    They'll fail, like they always have and future generations will abhor them as much as the Nazis.