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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blogger Is Like The Supermarket

Blogger has changed: things disappeared, to reappear somewhere else and I've had to spend some time looking for the correct location. 

It's like the supermarket. You know exactly where to go, find they've moved it and realize nobody asked if you thought it was necessary. 

No explanation; no warning; no email to explain the reason. I'm thinking the change in software is due to security reasons, or that some bored programmer just felt like being a dick.

I'll toss a coin. 


  1. Sweetie, for weeks I couldn't leave comments on other blogs, or even my own. Still, my blog JUMPS when I'm answering people. Maybe it's due to all the doomsday prepper blogs filling up the space with angst and hate. Or not.

    1. After I started blogging, I didn't answer comments. It was wrong of me, and I realized - after time - if people spent time to write something in reaction to my thoughts, it was nothing for me to at least acknowledge they visited and write something in return.

      I'm a little amazed at the number of comments you answer. It takes time, and it's a precious commodity, but you take the time and it's really an honor to those that find you so special.

    2. Honey, back when I had my old blog, I'd have a weekly contest where I'd only answer the funniest comments for the week, then send a card to the winner. Now, THAT was a lot of work.

      It's my opinion that not answering a comment after the person went to all that trouble, is like having a one sided conversation. I love my special friends too much to ignore them.

  2. I need to add for those that are having a time navigating through their blog:

    Type "" in your address bar. You will find what you need. If you don't, you can't log in and be part of the interwiz.

  3. Not sure what you're referring to, Jess.
    Just posted, saw nothing different.

    1. I had a navigation bar at the top, which allowed me to sign in, or navigate through the Blogger menu. It disappeared, which left me unable to sign in, since I log out every time I'm through and use CCleaner to get rid of the accumulated crap that is collected.

      I went to blogger for answers. The sign in page opened first, which led to all the access I used to have by just clicking at the top of my page.

      Whether I've done something - which I don't think I did - or Blogger updated to a new format is something I'll probably never know. I do know I was frustrated, until I figured it out.

    2. They're just messing with you.

    3. Maybe so, but I'm tenacious, resourceful and full of opinions that some people don't like.