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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Out For A Look

Freezing weather, and precipitation are rare in my part of the universe. I awoke, thought about things and decided to go for a drive to "look around".

The glistening trees were brilliant in the rising sun. The grass, covered with ice, was a silver carpet across the fields. Street signs, power poles and eaves of houses looked as though they started melting and time froze the process.

I stopped for a cup of coffee; Stephanie, the young, beautiful women of Cambodian descent, flashed me a big smile as she took my coffee money. I think her extra joy was due to the wonderful, bright sunshine, which was sweeping away the dismal remains of the last few days.

Continuing on my way, I noticed a few patches of ice on roads less traveled. That was surprising; such things are more than rare hereabouts.

It wasn't long, before I had an epiphany: Ice will fall from things. It did. A band of ice from a high tension power cable fell across my pickup as I drove along.

I decided to head on home. The temperature was rising and pieces of ice were constantly falling from trees, power lines and the insulators on power poles. I can only imagine the larger pieces that were falling from the bridge I wanted to go observe. If the large icicles hanging from overpasses were any indication of what was on the bridge, the ice could shatter a windshield or dent the hood.

So, arriving home, I thought of a song to crank up your morning.




  1. Classic tune, and great basswork from a gal whose bass guitar is bigger than she is. Easy on the eyes, too.

    1. She's one of those musicians that far excels most of her peers...and she's a genius on the bass.